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Words of Wisdom

Here's our last-minute advice to clients on how to have the ultimate wedding experience!

1. Dance. It doesn't matter if you don't like dancing. Just do it. You'll enjoy the whole event more and so will your guests. Remember - if you don't dance it is likely that the majority of your guests won't either. The bride and groom set the mood for everyone - so have fun.

2. Eat dinner. You spent all that time choosing the menu. Try everything. Tell the caterer to make you a special dinner plate with each of the dinner choices. You don't have to eat all of it, but you get to taste everything!


3. Don't drink toooo much. You want to rememebr every moment! Plus you don't want to wake up the day after your wedding with a horrible hangover.

4. Talk to everyone. Typically once you're done with dinner you'll make your way around to each table thanking them for attending your big day. Don't spend the whole event just talking to a few people. That being said, make EXTRA time for the EXTRA special people in your lives. 

5. Plan out your family photos. Give your photographer a list of every combination, for example, "bride and groom with the bride's first cousins". Your photographer needs to be vocal and tell everyone where to look and stand. Don't spend your whole event posing for pictures.

6. Find a balance between having the band / DJ play music you enjoy and also what your guests will enjoy. You can throw in a couple of quirky inside joke tunes, but that's it. Don't be afraid to Wobble or Electric Slide - there's a reason they're popular at weddings: They're silly and fun. They loosen people up. That said, it doesn't have to all be cheese. But a little is always good.

7. Create a detailed schedule. Even if the MC doesn't stick to it, it is good to have something to go by. Nothing worse than a wedding that runs so behind that there's only 45 mins left for dancing. (Don't worry - Joel Lindsey is soooo organized it's just plain silly).

8. Don't underestimate the power of uplights. They can be rented for cheap and transform an otherwise plain / dated room. I've seen weddings in gymnasiums that looked like the Oscars with the right uplighting.

9. Having pictures taken during cocktails? Get the caterers to make a big plate of hors d'oeuvres for you and your family to munch! Why should your guests get to chomp down all that satay shrimp and mini samosas while you're posing for photos outside in the cold?! Don't forget the Champagne!

10. Brides: Bring a backup dress! Whether it's another wedding dress or just a nice dress of your own. If there's a spill or a rip, you need a backup plan. Same for shoes - bring your fave sparkly sneakers!

11. Grooms: Bring a backup suit and shoes. We've seen too many grooms split their pants on the dancefloor! Be ready for anything. 

12. If your vendors are hitting it out of the park, don't forget to tip them!

13. Breathe and take it all in. Have moments with your partner where it's just the two of you - just watching the dancefloor with all of your friends and family partying. This is the best day of your life. Enjoy it.

14. Are you a nervous, tense person? Remember, it's a party. It's a celebration. There's nothing to worry about. The ceremony is short. Make it your own and have it your way. If you don't like being the center of attention all night, you don't have to be. 

15. Dance. Yes, it's that important. You'll never have to dance at another wedding again as long as you dance at your own one. (I'm talking to you, grooms!).

16. Change your social media settings so that you can't be tagged in photos without accepting the tag first. You want to look perfect in all of your pics! Don't let the first pic people see of you on social media be the work of Aunt Mable's shaky flip phone!

17. Don't let ANYTHING disrupt your happiness on your wedding day. Ignore family drama. Ignore the bad weather. Don't worry if the roses are pink and not red. You've spent months waiting for this one special day - so enjoy every second of it! 

18. When it's all over, be sure to give your parents a big hug for paying for your event / helping to plan everything. Some day you might be paying for your own kid's wedding!

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