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Joel can be accompanied by any of the following musicians:


  • Violinist

  • Bassist / harmony singer

  • Cocktail kit Drummer


Choose an individual musician to play with Joel or you could build a customized ensemble! 

For weddings, the live music portion typically takes places during the ceremony, cocktail hour, during dinner and even your first dance!


Below are sample videos of Joel performing alsongside his fantastic musicians. Enjoy!

Photo by Dawn Derbyshire

Violinist + Mandolin Player, Bob

Violinist John

Bassist / Harmony singer Jim

The Trio! Guitar, bass and drums

Angela's 5 star Review (Wedding Wire)
Joel and Bob perform at Angela's wedding!
Boulevard of the Allies are an Indie Rock band based in Pittsburgh specializing in edgy, original tunes.

When Joel first moved to Pittsburgh over a decade ago he formed Boulevard of the Allies. The group have recorded 2 albums since 2010 and played many awesome gigs across PA, NYC and even as far as London, England and Rome, Italy. Well, the band don't play as much as they used to but you can still find them performing at various local festivals and clubs during the Summer months... and look out for new music in the future! Joel is also a songwriter and solo performer. His original music is at 

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