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Joel will be pleased to answer any and all questions you might have before you decide to book. So fire away!

Your peace of mind is of the utmost importance! 

1. "What kind of music do you DJ?"

Whatever you desire! I love all kinds of music but this is your day. We will have figured out your taste in music months before the event. I'll play music based on this. If you ask me what is a good idea as far as a general feel for the dancing, I personally like to start out with some Motown - maybe some Earth Wind and Fire, Stevie Wonder. The kind of music that has a good beat that gets everyone of all ages dancing and loosened up! Gradually throughout the night, I like to dot in some slow dances, blending through various genres like pop, rock, country (if that's your thing!) gradually moving through eras of music and making my way to modern pop and dance music.

2. "Can You do multiple sound set-ups?"

For every event, I have up to three sound systems with me. So if your ceremony, cocktail and reception are in three separate rooms, no problemo!

3. "Are you going to move back to London before my wedding?"

The answer is no! I have weddings for the next 20 months... I'm A Pittsburgher now! Don't worry - I'm not going anywhere.

4. "So how do I book you?"

Once you've decided to hire me, I'll email you a contract which you'll print, sign and mail back to me with a retainer check. You'll pay the remaining balance on the day of the event. Payments can be check, Venmo or cash.

5. "Can we meet for a coffee prior to the event to go over the details?"

Sure! I love coffee.... and tea! Alterntively, Zoom or phone calls work for me, too.

6. "How far will you travel for a wedding?"

I've done weddings in Costa Rica, Cape Cod, Myrtle Beach, New York, Detroit as well as all over PA. Travel fee will be discussed but yup, I like to travel! Destination weddings are awesome!!

7. "How do you transition from live music to DJing and vice versa?"

Seemlessly!! :)

I've been doing this a long time and have my technique down. A lot of the live perfomance takes place from behind the DJ table so I'm right there to make sure there's never a moment without music.

8. "Do you drink alcohol at weddings?"

I do not - I don't drink. Warning - I may have a cookie from the cookie table. 

9. "What do you wear for weddings?"

Typically smart trousers, dress shoes, shirt, tie and vest. If the event is more formal, I can don the tux!

10. "Are you really British or is that just for show?"

Yes, I get asked this. And yes, I'm from Southeast London - ENGLAND!

11. "Do you need electricity for an outdoor ceremony?"

Ideally, yes. I like to run my vocal and guitar through a PA system for amplification. If it's a small wedding, I can sometimes get away with playing acoustically (without any sound system). I also have a small battery-powered sound system. 

12. "What about light rain? Can you play your guitar in the rain?"

I can not play my guitar in even light rain. I can not have anything electrified exposed to the elements either. If you are having an outdoor wedding, we recommend getting a gazebo or tent for the musicians / DJ. Please discuss with me in advance about this. I may be able to bring my own small tent too. 

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