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Joel Lindsey Entertainment - Mike The Videographer!

Our videographer, Mike will film your entire event for up to 7 hours. This typically includes:

  • Pre-ceremony shots of the venue, detail shots and people arriving.

  • The Ceremony

  • The Cocktail Hour (or going with the photographer, bride and groom for posed photos)

  • The Reception 

You may wish for the videographer to be a 'fly on the wall' ie non-interactive with the party or you may prefer a documentary style; the videographer could occasionally interview people, allowing guests to recount stories and send well wishes to the newlyweds!


Your final product will be two great films. 


  1. The first is the Highlight Film (See below for lots of samples!). The highlights will be condensed to around 8-12 minutes in length. You will choose 2 of your favorite songs which will be set to the film. (This is the one you keep on your phone, post on social media and show off to your besties!!).

  2. The second is the Full Length Film (See bottom of this page!). This will feature all of the main parts of your wedding including the whole ceremony, the grand entrances, the full speeches and more. This film is normally around 1 hour in length.


Within approx. 8-12 weeks after the event, your films will be available for you to download via Dropbox as well as uploaded to view on Vimeo / Youtube. If requested, they may also be burned to disc and mailed to you at no extra cost.

For more info contact Joel at

Check out our Sample Highlight Films
Videographer review.jpg
'Feature Length' Video Samples
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